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All the goods that We the online medical shop offers are produced by Indian manufacturers and manufacturers from various nations in compliance with the FDA/WHO criteria. Buyers may place bulk orders with this commendable Indian online pharmacy only for personal use (not available) without the fear of being scammed.

The chemical composition of generic medications that We offers is like that of their counterparts in the United States. The subsidiary Indian pharmaceutical companies obtain a license from pharmaceutical firms to patent prescription drugs and then place them up available at a very low price.

When you are at the destination for inexpensive medication, do not stop – take out your prescription and begin ordering the pharmaceutical drugs.

All the costs mentioned on the website are in USD, which is going to differ based on the nation, from where you’re making the buy.

Based on the seller, the price of the medications cited on the site can vary from time to time.

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All the customers who are having medication from the internet shop are asked to sign up and keep a log in details, including the payment particulars and medicine shipping address. This helps to look after the customers of us and receive any refunds if the situation demands that.

The email address which you are providing must be actual and must also be active. We’ll be sending a confirmation mail to your mail, which will be activating your account with us.

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It’s advised to print the trade information in addition to Terms of Use and keep them in a fast accessible location.

For this, you need to get in touch with a doctor or a medical practitioner, and only after being recommended should you buy the pills.

We cannot be held liable in any way if you don’t get the desired effects after using the pills.

The pricing mentioned on our portal is subject to change based on offers, discounts on our inventory and stock, and the prevailing market rate of medicines.

The product information provided on our portal is only for suggestive use and thus we do not provide it as any form of recommendation.

The address put in the previous order produced through We will be considered as the default. This address may be changed at the time of this checkout since an alternative confirms the delivery address. The address on which the arrangement needs to be delivered changes the entire order and the timeline of this order. The medications available in We are generic. We don’t deal with brand drugs and the medicines available are highly generic.

The pictures and posted on the product description page are for reference purposes only.

We can cancel your order if we wish to due to some internal emergency purpose.

In such cases, we will inform you via email, but the customer cannot hold us liable in any way.

We also reserve the right to change the prices at our will but that will be within the maximum market prices or the maximum retail prices as printed by the manufacturer.

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But doing so may help you to get notifications about the latest arrivals, discounts, and offers.

After you have made the online order our shipping and logistical delivery team is responsible for delivering items to your address.

For any reasons such as consignee shifted, or consignee untraceable or invalid address your order will stand cancelled and the same will be shipped back to our logistical agency.

And within such cases, no refund of the payment will also be made until the customer calls or informs us back about either refunding them or providing a new shipping address.

Remember that during the second shipping you are also liable to pay the shipping and courier charges.

There can be a delay in case of emergency purposes such as extreme weather conditions or even a problem with our delivery and logistical process.

You must bear with us and cannot hold us responsible either.

But once the package has been delivered any cancellation requests have to be made within 7 days from the date of delivery.

Also, in cases where the seal has been broken or the product used or any tampering has been done we may even reject your cancellation order at our will.

But you cannot hold us liable or responsible in any way.

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